Everyone should take Laura’s classes, what are u even waiting for. I had no writing background and she was so supportive and helpful and makes a great space for ideas to be shared and discussed. I wanna take a million more. it felt so cathartic and pushed me to new places within myself.  warman school 4evr

 ~ School of Death 001 & 002 Gradute

i want to take a class w you again soon


~School of Erotics 001 Graduate

I loved the authors and works introduced during our Erotics class, as well as the unconventional structure of classes. Each class felt like one collective exercise. It allowed me, a visual artist, to feel comfortable trying out a medium that I don't work in often and to have that difference be accepted by my peers. It made me rethink what a classroom can do and be. I enjoyed the class so much I referred my friend! 


~School of Erotics 001 Graduate

I took LA's Death Class at time when I really needed it! LA deftly integrates artistic critique with healing practices in a way that feels truly vital and an art form in of itself. Wisdom resonates on an intellectual, spiritual, and artistic level and I often left class with a renewed sense of humanity and dignity. I can't recommend LA enough!

~ School of Death 001 Gradute

Class is delightful, fascinating, candid & cozy. encouraged me to create from a very sensory, feeling place & i'm very grateful! highly recommend!

~ School of Death 001 & 002, School of Erotics 001 Gradute