Principal of the Warman School LA takes on a select number of private clients for Death Doula work. LA is a certified Death Doula and graduate of the Going With Grace End of Life Training. She specializes in memory projects, creation of a death folders, planning funerals or other ceremonies, memoir making, and regularly hosts group classes on deaths.

previous projects include:


  • >>>one-to-one guidance on creating letters for family to read after death
  • >>>consulting on creation of a living will
  • >>>forming traditions to be carried on after death
  • >>>helping loved ones experiencing sudden loss through overdose or suicide create memorial events or writing radically honest obituaries
  • >>>support in processing ones own death through creativity

Sessions can be in person or online.  

Sliding scale is available for select clients. 

Price can be project based or per hour. Contact directly for more information. 

death doula certificate